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Uncovering the Myth of Addiction

The reality behind addiction is more scientific than moral. <a href="">Addiction is a disease</a> which is recognized as a biological illness that impacts a person’s mental, social and spiritual health as well. Addiction is caused by a metabolic error present inside the liver of an addict which renders the liver incapable of catalyzing substances in a manner that properly gets rid of toxins. It is this metabolic error that sets addicts apart from social drug users.

To understand this, you need to read the following example:
When you consume an alcoholic drink, the percentage of alcohol present inside the drink is oxidized within your liver through a catalyzed process which transforms the ethanol in the alcohol into acetaldehyde.

Acetaldehyde is then further catalyzed into more substances. These substances are acetic acid, carbon dioxide gas and water. These substances are then excreted from your body through urine and sweat. However, if your liver is suffering from a metabolic error, the acetaldehyde would not get broken down into carbon dioxide and water.

Instead it would travel up to your brain by settling comfortably into your blood stream and forming a thick coating of toxins onto your brain, stimulating pleasure receptors inside your mind in the process.

Hence, it is biology and genetic predisposition that causes a person to become addicted to substances if they are exposed to such substances. Studies show that out of a hundred people that drink alcohol, ten of them will have metabolic errors present in their livers that turn them into addicts, setting them apart from social users.

When you want to get treatment for addiction, you should find rehabilitation centers that cater to your nature of addiction best. The Hazeldon recovery center in Minnesota is one of the best rehab centers in the entire world and they have helped put millions of addicts worldwide on the road to recovery and society.

Recovery centers in Minnesota deal with all kinds of addictions, not just drugs and alcohol but sex, gambling, food and self-harm addiction too. They deal with treating your entire addictive personality not just your addiction so that you can manage to remain sober for the rest of your life.


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